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Have you ever heard of SoundCloud? This free cloud service that lets users upload audio files and access them online or on blogs and websites, and optionally grant public access to them, charge for downloads, create sets, etc..

CloudPlayer, as you may have already guessed, is an online player for  SoundCloud this cloud player will let you browse and listen to publically  shared audio files uploaded by SoundCloud users.

At SoundCloud the staff has a lot of tricks under their sleeves to prevent the uploading of copyrighted material (they do this algorithmically, with a software that tries to identify copyrighted content). As a consequence, what you find in CloudPlayer is infinitely more interesting audio tracks that have either been created  by the users, such as mixes and covers, or (more likely) relatively unknown or obscure audio files that have escaped  SoundCloud’s automated copyright filter. This is to say, audio files that are significantly more interesting than your typical music sharing site. If you are a SoundCloud user you might agree with me when I say this site is absolutely amazing when it comes to sharing your audiofiles with the World.

This is a fairly sophisticated player that will let you search for public tracks on SoundCloud. It can provide advanced filtering such as by genre or bpm. Moreover, if you log in with your Google account or facebook account, it will let you create and save playlists,share them with your friends and get feedback on them.

From my point of view and as a conclusion I would say this player is an amazing add on if you are an artist who likes to socialize with your fans, you can check when other users favorite, share or comment on your tracks. This to me as an artist helps me to get better and to correct mistakes I don’t notice when composing. As lots of people say, two heads think well than one.

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