SECaaS – Security as a Service

SECaaS – Security as a Service

SECaaS is the way we abbreviate Security as a Service; this being an outsourced service where an external company help the other ones providing and managing your company’s security. Without going so further, a simple antivirus can be named Security as a Service.

Having in mind that there is an option that every company chooses to execute (cloud storage) there is literally nothing that every security provider company cannot do for you. Every day more and more companies are hiring this service, including the biggest ones like Amazon or Facebook. This phenomenon occurred because now the security solutions are no longer local in your corporation where your IT department install in every computer an antivirus preventing spam and acquiring security software. This option was expensive and for that, the companies started to acquire online safety providers. Benefits doesn’t stop there, here is a list of some advantages.

Why is better having a SECaaS

  • Your company will always work with the latest tools of security.
  • The persons in charge of your safety will be the best ones in their duty.
  • Not only the company but you will have fully access to every security tool.
  • You can put your attention in other things while the services work for your safety.
  • The corps doesn’t need to pay hardware or any license.
  • Data loss protection of every file.
  • When detecting an unusual behavior, you will be notified.
  • Your emails will be protected.
  • The company will make your data unreadable with encryption.
  • Your web searches are protected by the Security company you paid for.

It looks like a paradise for your business not having to worry about any problems related to being hacked or some kind of thing like that. Every SECaaS is hosted on the cloud so they don’t need to go to your installations.

If you are planning to run a new business, having a SECaaS company behind your back can be the best choice you might have. If now you’re thinking about who can be a good option, this is one of the most popular options to start; it’s called ByteLife.

This company was stablished 15 years ago in Estonia. This corporation provides the SECaaS and security solutions to your establishment. Their principal function includes the construction, design and secure the platforms based on the business-critical info scheme. Not only that, BL gives the option of full analysis, design, installing and maintenance; always using the high-powered equipment and specialist of the area.

One of the ByteLife’s services is called BITT; which means ByteLife Infrastructure Full Service. It is meant for persons who want to stay focused on their principal business which doesn’t include IT equipment or maintenance. The vision of this programs includes four basic main cycles: the first phase is the mapping and analyzing the situation of your company. The second phase is meant for developing the perfect solution focusing on the main issues. The third one includes installing and implementing the new security scheme to your corporation. The fourth one is made for operate and maintaining the three first phases.

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