The three kinds of cloud computing

The three kinds of cloud computing

Let’s talk about the newer cybersecurity modality, Cloud computing. When we talk about this, we are referring to the delivery of a service via internet. Those resources include apps and tools for data storage, networking and the list go on. This service was born because it is a lot more useful than keeping all the data in a hard drive and opening new possibilities of save them in a remote base. You can get inside any storage having an internet connection, you just need to open the cloud and look for the info to use it. This is a popular option for people who runs a corporation because they can save a lot of money in storage, but also can increase their productivity; all of this just using this data storage method.

The name is cloud computing, because the access to the info is only through a virtual space, there is no way of cloud computing not being an online service. This service is provided by another company that specialize in this area. All the services are available only by getting an internet connection; and the costumer doesn’t really need to be in a specific place to gain control of his info. The cloud computing thing can be both public and private: the public makes their service just posting on the internet for free. On the other hand, the private one is only for people who gain the access in some way; it can be also a third option, a kind of hybrid one between public and private benefits.

If we rewind the information, we can get that:

  • Cloud computing is a way to save valued information service on the internet.
  • The intel is only opened just by having any device connected to the web.
  • There are two methods of data saving: private or exclusive and social or public. Both can be used in a third hybrid one.

Now we can talk a little bit about the three cloud’s services that are available.

Getting into the types of Cloud computing.

  • Public service.

They typically got in their arsenal a massive space for saving things. This kind of storage is highly recommended for software development and shared projects. A lot of public cloud services have an application designed for being easy to handle and carry in any moment. The most famous examples of a public cloud are Amazon, Microsoft and even Google.

  • Private cloud.

When we talk about a private storage cloud, we should mention that almost in every situation are behind a Firewall and is used by only one corporation. This is worthy because only selected people can get access and use the info from anywhere, just like a public one. The difference being when noticing that in a private cloud no one is allowed to use the resources of computing.

  • Hybrid cloud.

Combines both of public and private and is designed to get the best of the two options making them work and interact between them and allowing a good data movement. With this option your files can be stored with a Firewall and encrypt code and then, it can be moved safety to a public cloud.

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