Life before SaaS

Life before SaaS

Many people now-a-days ask theirselves: What’s SaaS? Even if they try to understand they still believe, in some cases, that thsose services aren’t that good like buying a new Software CD. But that people didn’t take into consideration how good and how affordable for a customer is to use a SaaS.

Before SaaS, people had to buy licenses, pay people to maintain the software updated, business hired people and equipment to keep their disks in a cool temperature. And all of these, of course, made the business to pay big amounts of money to pay just for a service.

But, with SaaS business have to forget all of those bad things! For example, for the business that hires the service, the prices are really low in comparison with buying their own software, and also the product is made to benefit both sides, the costumer side and the business side. Business, companies, enterprises, etc, also have to forget about buying servers to maintain their website, because with SaaS they don’t pay for this.

Cloud Computing is the benefit of the products online, because instead of doing the work offline you do it throw the Internet which lets you produce unlimited content to your clients and send those easily with few steps, so forget about those software and start working on the cloud.

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