Outlook.com Email address, free for ever

Outlook.com Email address, free for ever

Outlook is the new service of Microsoft that offers you the possibility to have an email account that you can link with different services, like Facebook, twitter and also your Skype account. This new service provides the user with unlimited disk space in the cloud to save and storage emails, contacts and also your calendar activities.

Best of all is that you have all of this in one place, your Outlook account. Is not necessary to pay for all of this functions, because Microsoft with its SaaS, Outlook, have defined how to storage and have all the actual people needs.

It’s really impressive the things you can do and manage with your Outlook account. For example, you can attach your photos or files from your computer and upload it to the cloud, then no matter how much time has passed you can download again those archives and you can get immediate access to those.

Also, the activities that you save in your Outlook Calendar could be used in a future to show your friends or your boss the activities you have for a special day in the week.

With Outlook.com forget to carry your Pen drive with you all day, because you can upload files and then use them whenever you want just downloading them.

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