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Google Maps: another good SaaS

Do you remember the times we bought maps to drive? Sometimes we used to park the car to view the map and then continue the trip. But all these things were sometimes confusing. Then we started using the GPS which was very good for people who loved to trip a lot. Anyway they still needed […]


Ultrasurf is a free, proxy-based ‘anti-censorship’, ‘pro-privacy’ software. It tunnels through firewalls (whether at work or country-wide), encrypts online communications, hides your real IP from the websites that you are visiting, automatically deletes your browser history, and provides you with a US-based location so that you can access geographically restricted websites such as Hulu or […]

Does Is A Free Antivirus Efficient?

Having a powerful and efficient antivirus is absolutely necessary in your computer. Even though there are more than a few online alternatives, if you have laptop or a desktop, it is very important that you can have installed in it a reputable antivirus which is capable of detecting viruses, Trojans and malware in general. There […]

How to Get the Most Out Of Free Software

Every time you are looking for an efficient software solution you have to deal with licenses and lot of things that are very annoying and irritating. However, in the web there a wide range of software, utilities and applications that you can download and use completely for free. Even though you can get access to […]