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Juice Defender Ultimate for Android

This is an app in which you can control your Smartphone’s battery life, you can save battery life by activating basic battery saving functions or you can personalize the way you want to save your battery life. It’s really simple to use and it was designed especially to extend the battery life of your Smartphone. […]

Flashlight Apps

I know that to some of you or maybe a lot of you think this kind of app is not something new but it DOES come in Handy sometimes when you don’t have a flashlight and you are wishing you had. Well if you’ve got a Smartphone then you are saved even if you don’t […]

Space Colony

Space Colony is a live wallpaper app that lets you discover what a space colony might be somewhere in the galaxy. You can choose one of five different places and see how the city looks from that point of view. The space colony is surrounded by a toxic aura that you can set in different […]

ePSXe for Android

It’s not a new thing that a PSONE emulator is now on the market on Google Play Store for Android devices, well this time around you will find that now you really can enjoy the games like you used to in ePSXe for PC because its developed by the same team  that made such a […]

Google Maps: another good SaaS

Do you remember the times we bought maps to drive? Sometimes we used to park the car to view the map and then continue the trip. But all these things were sometimes confusing. Then we started using the GPS which was very good for people who loved to trip a lot. Anyway they still needed […]

Life before SaaS

Many people now-a-days ask theirselves: What’s SaaS? Even if they try to understand they still believe, in some cases, that those services aren’t that good like buying a new Software CD. But that people didn’t take into consideration how good and how affordable for a customer is to use a SaaS. Before SaaS, people had […]

SlideShare: Upload your Slides easy and fun

SlideShare is a website in which you can upload your PowerPoint presentations to the service of the community. And then many people will vote your presentations. But this is not everything, you can be invited to give a conference about the topic in your slides just for publishing an impressive material of education. SlideShare was […] Email address, free for ever

Outlook is the new service of Microsoft that offers you the possibility to have an email account that you can link with different services, like Facebook, twitter and also your Skype account. This new service provides the user with unlimited disk space in the cloud to save and storage emails, contacts and also your calendar […]


Even if you have a virus scanner on your computer, having an extra one is often a good idea if you’re installing something that you downloaded from the internet. Two minds, as they say, are better than one.  Although 43 are even better, and that’s what VirusTotal gives you. Upload a file and, within half […]